SCA Racial Equity and Justice Series Session 7: Hate Has No Home Here

SCA Racial Equity and Justice Series

Session 7: Hate Has No Home Here

June 4, 2021


The City of Bellevue launched “Hate Has No Home Here” on April 5, 2021 as a citywide and community-wide response against acts of hate, discrimination, and bias against any group of people based on their background, race, national origin, faith, disability, sex or gender identity. While “Hate Has No Home Here” was prompted by the rise in violence and hate against members of the API community, it is a larger and broader stance against all forms of hate and violence, including against members of Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) communities. It is also an affirmation that residents and places of business, worship and education in Bellevue will not tolerate hate, in any form, in our community.


This campaign was developed as a resource for action. It provides resources for residents and community partners to join as accomplices to stand against hate. Not everyone can protest, not everyone can make public speeches, not everyone is a decision maker on policy, and HHNHH has struck a chord because there is something for everyone. The site includes an inventory of city leadership’s public statements supporting the BIPOC community, current tracking tools for hate or bias, workplace and mental health resources, and a list of local community partners assisting the API community. 


Full recording of this webinar is shared below.