Appointments to Regional Boards and Committees

The Sound Cities Association (SCA) has appointing authority for over thirty regional boards and committees. Twenty-four of these boards and committees have seats for elected officials up for appointment for 2021. 

For detailed information about each committee, please refer to the SCA 2020 Regional Committee and Board Appointment booklet. This guide contains information about each committee, including: the roles and responsibilities of each committee; the dates, times, and location of committee meetings; the 2020 representatives to each committee; and the term expiration date. 

Applications for 2021 board and committee appointments are due October 2, 2020. All interested applicants must submit a nomination form to be considered for appointment. This includes those currently serving on boards and committees with a term that expires at the end of 2020.

Applications for boards and committees are reviewed by the PIC Nominating Committee, which is comprised of one representative from each SCA Caucus (South, North, South Valley, and Snoqualmie Valley). The committee strives to maintain geographic diversity, and a balance of membership from large and small cities. The background and interest level of applicants is considered, as is the applicant’s past service on boards and committees. Preference shall be given to representatives from SCA member cities. The committee balances the need for institutional knowledge and expertise with a desire to obtain fresh perspectives and new voices. SCA values diversity, and strives to create an inclusive environment. All SCA members are encouraged to apply for boards and committees. The PIC Nominating Committee recommends a slate of appointments to the SCA Public Issues Committee (PIC), which in turn submits recommendations for appointments to the SCA Board of Directors for approval.

Please note that, pursuant to SCA Board Policy, each city may have no more than one representative serving at a time on any individual regional board, committee, advisory council, or task force. Further, cities are asked to not submit multiple applicants for the same committee. The process for deciding which applicant’s name to submit is left to the discretion of each individual city. 

SCA appointees and alternates to regional boards and committees are expected to attend all meetings of the board/committee and of the SCA caucus meeting, as well as the annual SCA orientation for board and committee members. Appointees and alternates are expected to represent the common interests of all SCA member cities while serving on regional boards and committees.

Important Dates for 2021 Board and Committee Appointments:
Webinar on Frequently Asked Questions for SCA Regional Board and Committee Appointments – Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 2:00 PM (Find Webinar Materials Here)

Deadline for applications/nominations to 2021 boards and committees–October 2, 2020

PIC Nominating Committee meets to review applications/nominations–October 22, 2020

PIC makes recommendation on slate of appointees to the SCA Board of Directors–November 12, 2020

SCA Board of Directors finalizes 2020 board and committee appointments–November 18, 2020

To apply, please fill out the form below; to apply for multiple committees, please use one form submission for each committee. A statement of interest detailing your relevant background and experience  may be copy/pasted as text or may be added as an attachment within the form. Please refer to the 2021 SCA Board and Committee Seats for Appointment document for complete list of seats up for appointment.  

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