A Conversation on Compost Procurement

SCA & Cedar Grove

A Conversation on Compost Procurement

February 10, 2023

Presentation Topics:

  • How compost use can not only satisfy requirements of the new law but advance your city’s zero waste and climate goals 
  • Uses for cities – what can you do in your city’s purchasing shed? 
  • Reporting and tracking 
  • Local purchasing and use of locally recycled materials 
  • Project ideas to address equity with compost

List of Presenters:

  • Ria Varghese, Environmental Services Specialist, City of San Jose
  • Alli Kingfisher, Organics & Food Center Unit Supervisor, WA State Department of Ecology
  • Heather Trim, Executive Director, Zero Waste Washington
  • Giacomo Damonte, Parks Maintenance Superintendent, City of Pleasanton (CA), Operations Services Department, Parks Division 
  • ZeeLaura Page, Management Analyst, City Manager’s Office, City of Pleasanton (CA) 
  • Becky Hopkins, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Pleasanton

Link to supplemental resource from the Department of Ecology on the Organics Management Law.