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Public Issues Committee

Meeting, Agenda & Minutes

The SCA Public Issues Committee (PIC) was established by SCA in 1995 as a standing board committee. Per SCA Bylaws, the PIC “shall review and evaluate policy positions and recommend to the Board what, if any, action should be taken on such policy positions”; Governed by SCA Bylaws (adopted by membership as a whole at Annual Meetings), SCA Board Policies (adopted by Board), and PIC Operating Policies (adopted by PIC). The PIC includes a representative of each city in SCA. Each SCA member has a seat and equal vote at the PIC. It is the body responsible for making recommendations on policies and committee appointments to the Board. The PIC is SCA’s vehicle for bringing policies to member cities, and for member cities to bring policies to SCA.

The PIC not only evaluates and recommends policy positions, but it also recommends regional committee and board appointments to the SCA Board of Directors. A nominating committee of the Public Issues Committee consisting of one representative of each SCA Regional Caucus shall be appointed by the Chair of the Public Issues Committee in October to recommend appointments to the committee. Equitable geographic distribution shall be considered in recommending appointments to the Board of Directors.