Covid-19 Community Information

Sharing some information from King County on what is currently known about cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in King County:

• In the last day, King County has learned that there are multiple cases of coronavirus – or COVID-19 in King County, including multiple people who are hospitalized. Sadly, one individual has also died.

 • There are multiple illnesses associated with a nursing home and a dialysis facility on the eastside. King County is working closely with their leadership, staff, and families to contain and manage the situation at these facilities.

 • Health officials are working as rapidly as possible to identify others in the community who have been exposed, isolate them and get them tested for COVID-19.

 • Public Health – Seattle & King County is fully activated through its Incident Command structure. They are in close contact with CDC, State DOH, hospitals, the Emergency Medical Services system, as well as our state and federal delegation. CDC in particular is providing close assistance, and is sending a high level team to King County to help with the response.

 • King County government is coordinating together with Public Health to share information, deploy resources, and respond at the maximum capacity we are able.

 • This is a troubling situation that health officials have been warning could happen.

 • King County has experience in responding to pandemics and our health officials have tremendous expertise and skills, but this is a very quickly-moving situation and information is changing daily.

• Health officials expect there will be additional cases locally and nationally as the coronavirus spreads more broadly. Our residents should plan to stay informed and follow health guidance carefully.

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